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How to Prevent Expensive Car Repairs

How to Prevent Expensive Car Repairs

Owning a car comes with many responsibilities, including maintenance and repairs. Like anything else, cars need to be well taken care of to run properly. However, some car repairs can be expensive, which can be frustrating and stressful for car owners. Fortunately, there are steps that car owners can take to limit costly car repairs. […]

How Can I Make My Car Last Longer?

Your car is a significant investment and an important part of your daily life. Because that is the case, it’s normal to want to know what you can do to make your car last longer. Luckily, there are plenty of simple things you can do to make your car last longer. Take a look at […]

What Is Alignment and Why Does It Matter?

Have you noticed that it’s become increasingly difficult to drive your vehicle? Maybe you’re experiencing noisy steering, squealing tires, or your vehicle pulling to the left or right. If you have, it could mean that it’s time to have your tires aligned. But why does tire alignment matter? Keep reading to find out. What is […]

5 Overlooked Auto Maintenance To-Do Items

The key to a healthy and lasting vehicle is regular maintenance. Regular car maintenance will prolong the life of your vehicle and ensure that it remains safe to drive. Although car maintenance is important, far too many people focus only on changing their oil and rotating their tires. Those are important maintenance tasks too, but […]

How Often Should I Have My Oil Changed?

There’s no right answer to this question, but there are some general guidelines. At Mighty Auto Pro, we’ve been providing the good people of Medina, OH with our auto maintenance services for years, and have performed a number of oil changes. We wanted to talk today about some general oil change guidelines. It’s Different With […]

5 Overlooked Car Maintenance Items

Cars are consumer-durable, if you maintain them and treat them with care, they will provide you with years of reliable service. At Mighty Auto Pro, we’ve been providing the people of Medina, OH with our auto-maintenance services for a long time, and wanted to talk today about five overlooked car maintenance items. 1. Flush Your […]

What Regular Maintenance Should I Have Done on My Car?

Your vehicle is an investment, one that you probably need/want to make last for a long time. When properly maintained, most vehicles can give you hundreds of thousands of miles and years of service. At Mighty Auto Pro, we’ve been helping the good people of Medina, OH maintain their vehicles for a long time, and […]

Do I Need to Rustproof My Car or Truck?

The process of oxidation (or rusting as most people call it) can wreak havoc on our vehicles. You could maintain your vehicle, bring it in to a mechanic every few months, and eventually you will probably still run into some rust problems. Keeping your car or truck in a garage is a great way to […]

Why are Milestone Services Important for Your Car?

Keeping up with regular maintenance is critical for maintaining your vehicle and maintaining optimal performance. If you’ve recently bought a new car, repairs and maintenance may be at the back of your mind. However, there are important milestones you’ll reach — and corresponding services to complete. Take a look at the important high-mileage services, and […]

Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Car Run Smoothly

Did you know that it doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars to make your car run smoother? Your vehicle can have an enhanced performance by doing a few simple and affordable modifications. Here some of the cost-effective ways you can make your car run smoother: Remove Unnecessary Weight A lot of us are guilty […]

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