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Brakes for Breasts

Every October, the “Brakes for Breasts” program kicks off and runs through the entire month. Hundreds of independent auto repair shops across the United States and Canada join hands to put the brakes on Breast Cancer! Brakes for Breasts was founded right here at Mighty Auto Pro.

During October our clients receive FREE brake pads or shoes (quality ceramic pads up to $99.00 value). Our client pays for labor and any other ancillary parts that are needed to complete the job. The repair shop then donates 10% of that total to The Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund. 100% of every penny ever raised has gone to support research, it is a true grass roots effort.

The Story Behind “Brakes for Breasts”

In 2011, our very own Leigh Anne Best and fellow shop owner Laura Frank began the “Brakes for Breasts” fundraiser with 5 local auto repair shops in Ohio and raised $10,000 in support of the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund. Dr. Vincent Tuohy and his Team have created a vaccine to prevent Breast Cancer. In October of 2021 the very first woman received the vaccination to begin Phase I Trials.

Spin the clock forward, hundreds of independent auto repair shops join hands every year across the USA and Canada in support of Brakes for Breasts. As of 2022 they have raised $1,631,066 and every single penny raised continues to go directly to research. Leigh Anne and Laura are two volunteers with a budget of zero and incredible industry support.

In February 2023 the Cleveland Clinic launched Phase 1B of clinical trials, the second phase, on the heels of promising results from Phase 1A of the clinical trials. Jennifer Davis, the very first woman to be vaccinated shared her story of a hopeful future without the recurrence of breast cancer. It is incredible to hear Jennifer’ story and know that our industry provided that hope. Dr. Tuohy had stated on many occasions that without our support in some very lean years his lab would’ve had to close down, his gratitude for our efforts was boundless.

For more information, go to BrakesForBreasts.com

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