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Customer Testimonials

Here are just a few of our recent customer comments…

Words CANNOT express how thankful I am that Mighty offers a Vehicle Inspection and to top it off ~ FREE!

As everyone, I work hard for my money and certainly cannot afford to waste money nor would want to. I’m a single Mom looking hard for a mechanically sound, safe vehicle for my newly licensed daughter, preferring something decent on the eyes. The Chevy Blazer the Seller brought in for inspection “looked” well maintained and cared for and as I was told runs great, and is only selling because she wanted something smaller.

In short, without Mighty’s (Dean’s) Inspection, there is a very good chance I would have purchased the vehicle and wasted well over $1,000.00 – I’ve already wasted $900 on a vehicle for myself from a used dealer 4 months ago.

Fortunately for me I have Mighty on my side. Of course I wish the vehicle would have passed my expectations with even a few hundred dollars worth of “basic” needs, but as the saying that my daughter and I understand “if it was meant to be, it will.” The Blazer CERTAINLY was not.

So my search continues. With Mighty’s help, I am now confident that when I do purchase a vehicle it will be with a sound, and “Mighty” well educated decision.

Best Regards to you and your staff,

Yvette Rybak

Everyone was SOO friendly and remembered me from several months before! I liked the goodies in the waiting room and the cleanliness of the place. I don’t feel like I am sitting in a guy’s locker room!! Plus the little presents stashed in my car after a service make me smile! LOVE this place!

~ Laura Berger

We value our customers’ opinions and feedback – so we ask each customer the following question after we work on his or her vehicle:

“Please let us know what you liked about your recent visit and what you would like to see improved?”
Taking me back and showing me the issues and discussing my options. A+++++++

~ James Ulry

Always professional, friendly and above all honest.

~ Barb Shank

The quality of customer service is excellent. Old school cust. service – earning the respect of the cust. and building a cust. for life.

~ Mike McGrath

We have recommended our family traveling through town and your service was top notch.

~ Kathleen Churgovich

I always appreciate the open and honest communication about what repairs are needed, while still considering keeping our repair costs down. In this case, an anti-lock brake cable was accidentally cut during a repair of another part. Bill took the time to explain what happened, apologized, and ordered a new part to fix it. We have not had a problem like this in the past, but instead of trying to minimize what happened, Bill took responsibility and will get it fixed.

~ Sean Demlow

It is so refreshing to be so respected as a customer.

~Patricia Romanovich

It is always so comfortable and friendly. It is a pleasure to “hang out at the shop”. The coffee maker is awesome!

~Darla Spurgeon


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