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5 Sounds You Never Want Your Car to Make

5 Sounds You Never Want Your Car to Make

Your car communicates with you in various ways, and one of the most critical ways it does so is through sounds. While some car noises are normal, others can be indicative of underlying problems that require immediate attention. Here are five sounds you never want your car to make and what they could mean. 1. […]

Check Engine Light Problems If Ignored

If you’re like most drivers, you hate the sight of your check engine light. The first thing that comes to mind when you see this light is that you’ll be shelling out money for an expensive repair. So instead of doing that, you ignore the check engine light. But here’s what can happen if you […]

Small Repairs that Can Become Big Repairs if Ignored

There are so many moving parts in your vehicle, and just one of them failing could compromise a whole system. Luckily, most failures within your vehicle should turn your check engine light on. At Mighty Auto Pro, we’ve helped lots of customers with their check engine lights, and have replaced practically everything possible in the […]

5 Simple Ways to Prevent Summer Overheating

You may love the heat that the summer brings, but your car may not. During the summer, your vehicle is at risk for overheating and extensive damage. That’s why it’s important that you find ways to keep your car cool during the hot summer months. Here are five simple ways you can keep your car […]

4 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

Uh oh! You’ve come outside and found out your car isn’t starting. There may be a million things going through your head as to why it won’t start and how expensive it may be to get the problem resolved. However, sometimes there is a simple reason. Check out these four common reasons for a car […]

Why is My Car Bouncing When I Drive?

A bouncing car is never a good thing. When you drive, it’s supposed to feel like a smooth ride. When you experience a bumpy car ride even when you’re not driving over potholes or on a damaged road, there can be a number of things wrong with your vehicle. Here are some of the most […]

5 Signs of a Bad Transmission

No one likes to deal with car trouble, and a bad transmission is both an operational and safety hazard for your vehicle. Without a healthy transmission, your car won’t function properly and can easily cause a breakdown or accident. But how can you know if your transmission is going bad? Here are five common signs […]

Why Isn’t Your Car’s Heater Working?

With fall upon us and winter right around the corner you may have turned on your car’s heater for the first time already. It’s not uncommon for car owners to get in their car on the first cool morning of fall to find their car heater blowing out cool or even cold air. Driving in […]

AC Recharge Kits Can Damage Your Car!

During the hot summer months it can be hard to keep cool, and when your car’s air conditioning stops putting out cold air, it can be miserable trying to drive anywhere. It is a pretty common problem for cars to have air conditioning problems, and oftentimes it is a fairly simple fix by a licensed […]

Have You Noticed Rust on Your Vehicle?

Maintaining your car’s engine will help ensure your car lasts for many years to come, whether it be through routine checks, oil changes, or recommended service being done. Ensuring your engine is in tip top shape is an important part of keeping your car running, and as efficiently as possible, but maintaining the outside of […]

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