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Why is My Car Bouncing When I Drive?

Why is My Car Bouncing When I Drive?

A bouncing car is never a good thing. When you drive, it’s supposed to feel like a smooth ride. When you experience a bumpy car ride even when you’re not driving over potholes or on a damaged road, there can be a number of things wrong with your vehicle. Here are some of the most […]

5 Signs of a Bad Transmission

No one likes to deal with car trouble, and a bad transmission is both an operational and safety hazard for your vehicle. Without a healthy transmission, your car won’t function properly and can easily cause a breakdown or accident. But how can you know if your transmission is going bad? Here are five common signs […]

Why Isn’t Your Car’s Heater Working?

With fall upon us and winter right around the corner you may have turned on your car’s heater for the first time already. It’s not uncommon for car owners to get in their car on the first cool morning of fall to find their car heater blowing out cool or even cold air. Driving in […]

AC Recharge Kits Can Damage Your Car!

During the hot summer months it can be hard to keep cool, and when your car’s air conditioning stops putting out cold air, it can be miserable trying to drive anywhere. It is a pretty common problem for cars to have air conditioning problems, and oftentimes it is a fairly simple fix by a licensed […]

Have You Noticed Rust on Your Vehicle?

Maintaining your car’s engine will help ensure your car lasts for many years to come, whether it be through routine checks, oil changes, or recommended service being done. Ensuring your engine is in tip top shape is an important part of keeping your car running, and as efficiently as possible, but maintaining the outside of […]

When Should You Change Your Brake Pads?

Routine car maintenance is an essential part of car ownership, helping ensure your safety and the longevity of the car. But what are some maintenance tasks that are easy to overlook? Brake pads often get overlooked until damage is done and more costly repairs are in store. So how do you know when you should […]

What is a Multi Point Vehicle Inspection?

Having your vehicle inspected regularly is an important part of maintaining it and ensuring you get the most life out of the car possible. Multi point inspections are a great way to keep an eye on your car and find any potential problems that may be brewing. But what does a multi point inspection entail? […]

Storm Damage and Your Vehicle

April showers bring May flowers, but in many cases they can also unfortunately bring major damage to your car. With unpredictable weather it can be difficult to protect your car and prevent damage over time, especially if you don’t have access to a garage or carport. Rain isn’t the only threat to your car, wind, […]

What Does Your Serpentine Belt Do?

Cars are complex machines that require all parts to work efficiently, effectively, and in time with one another. Some parts of the car are more essential than others in keeping things running smoothly, such as the timing belt and the serpentine belt. The serpentine belt helps control some important functions in your car, and will […]

Power Steering Failure and You

When you are driving in your car and it suddenly becomes difficult to turn the wheel, you likely have a power steering issue. Power steering failure can have several different causes, some more serious than others. Knowing how to respond should your power steering go out is important, and having a general knowledge of how […]

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