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Check Engine Light Problems If Ignored

If you’re like most drivers, you hate the sight of your check engine light. The first thing that comes to mind when you see this light is that you’ll be shelling out money for an expensive repair. So instead of doing that, you ignore the check engine light. But here’s what can happen if you ignore your check engine light for too long. 



More Extensive Damages

Sometimes a check engine light is indicative of a minor problem. But left unchecked, a minor problem can turn into a major problem. What was once a simple repair will turn into a more complicated problem that requires more labor. That’s why it’s important not to ignore your vehicle’s check engine light and to have it checked immediately by a professional mechanic. 


Cost You More in the Long Run 

With more extensive damages comes more expensive repairs. Ignoring a check engine light can end up costing you in the future. Whether that results in immediate car problems or deterioration over time, it almost always means more expensive repairs. You can save money on repairs by getting your check engine light inspected as soon as it turns on and repairing any problems as soon as you are alerted to them.


Increase Fuel Consumption

Depending on the reason why your check engine light has turned on, your vehicle can end up consuming more fuel than if it was working properly. Sometimes a check engine light can indicate a loose or broken gas cap or something else that affects the fuel system. When something is wrong with your vehicle’s fuel system, it usually means lower fuel efficiency. And with gas prices going up and down, you want to make sure that your car is fuel efficient.


Increased Emissions

Two key components of your vehicle’s emissions system are the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor. Part of your check engine light’s responsibility is to alert you if your vehicle is producing more harmful emissions than it should. When your check engine light turns on for that reason, it means your vehicle is producing more emissions than it should be. Ignoring the check engine light in this instance will not only prohibit you from registering your car, but also make your vehicle more harmful to the environment.


Unexpected Breakdowns

One of the worst things that can happen when you ignore a check engine light is an unexpected breakdown. We use our vehicles to commute to work, run errands, visit friends, and more. When we leave our homes and hop in the car with a destination in mind, we rarely ever think about our vehicle breaking down on us. When it does happen, it means you miss an important task, have to reschedule plans, and wait for your vehicle to be towed or repaired on the road. You can prevent this from happening to you by not ignoring a check engine light and having your vehicle repaired immediately. 


Mighty Auto Pro Keeps Your Vehicle Running

If your vehicle’s check engine light has turned on, don’t worry; the mechanical experts at Mighty Auto Pro can help. We offer free towing, after-hour breakdown assistance, digital 67-point inspections, and much more. Let us turn off your check engine light for you.


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