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Choosing the Right Tires for Safe Winter Driving

The winter months are filled with less than ideal driving conditions. Snow, ice, and sleet on the roads are dangerous for all drivers, but it’s especially dangerous for drivers who don’t have the right tires. In Ohio, you can get away with driving on all-season tires throughout the year. However, the safest thing you can […]

What to Look for When Choosing an Auto Repair Shop

Choosing the right repair shop is important. You’re trusting them to take care of your car and be honest about any repairs needed. Choosing the wrong shop can leave your car in poor shape, doing unnecessary repairs, and spending more money than you should. Before you choose an auto repair shop, look for these things […]

4 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Snow

The fall is finally here and you know what that means; snow is quickly approaching. Gone are the days of clear roads and perfect driving conditions. Instead, it’s time for slick roads and less than perfect driving conditions. Here’s how you can prepare your car to handle it all.  Check Your Tires When was the […]

Why is My Car Bouncing When I Drive?

A bouncing car is never a good thing. When you drive, it’s supposed to feel like a smooth ride. When you experience a bumpy car ride even when you’re not driving over potholes or on a damaged road, there can be a number of things wrong with your vehicle. Here are some of the most […]

What to Look for in an Auto Repair Shop

Choosing the right auto repair shop is crucial for the longevity of your car. Your end goal is to find one that is reliable, knows how to service your vehicle, and is trustworthy. To help you determine if an auto repair shop is worth your time and money, here are some things to look for.  […]

How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

Chances are that you want your vehicle to last a long time. With the right practices and maintenance, your vehicle can keep you driving safely and efficiently for many years. Here are some things you can do to extend the life of your vehicle. Stick to the Maintenance Schedule  Do you know that book that […]

Common Driving Hazards to Avoid

Whether you’ve been driving for decades or you’ve just gotten started, the open road can be both liberating and dangerous. Thankfully, there are methods that you can employ to stay safe while you drive. Today we’re going to be talking about some of the most common driving hazards and how you can avoid them.  Distracted […]

Why is Vehicle Emissions Testing Important?

Emissions testing measures the amount of pollution coming out of your vehicle while it is running. Why is this important? Well, there are several reasons emissions testing is important, and not all of them have to do with your impact on the environment. An emissions test can tell you a lot about the health of […]

COVID-19 Update: 6/7/2021

To Our Valued Customers, At Mighty Auto Pro, we will continue to exercise protocol to keep our clients safe.  Our customers are not required to wear masks, do whatever makes you comfortable.  The only time we will require masks is if you are on a test drive with one of our Technicians.  We have adopted […]

5 Signs of a Bad Transmission

No one likes to deal with car trouble, and a bad transmission is both an operational and safety hazard for your vehicle. Without a healthy transmission, your car won’t function properly and can easily cause a breakdown or accident. But how can you know if your transmission is going bad? Here are five common signs […]

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