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Why are my Brakes Making a Noise?

Hearing any unusual noise coming from your car can be very concerning, but not all sounds are the same. If you notice a strange sound when you apply pressure to your brakes, it is likely you’ll need some maintenance work done on your car.

Brakes can make several different noises, each stemming from a different problem. Let’s look at some of the different noises brakes can make, as well as what those noises mean, and what service will need to be done on your car.

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Squealing Sounds

Squealing is one of the most common sounds you’ll hear coming from your brakes. When you notice a squealing sound coming from your car when you apply pressure to the brakes, it means your brake pads (and possibly rotors) need to be replaced.

As the brake pads wear down they begin to make this sound as part of their design. It’s a signal, to you, that you need to take the car into your local brake replacement service center if you haven’t already scheduled a routine replacement. In some cases, if the pads go too long before being replaced the brake rotors also begin to wear down and will need to be replaced.

Grinding Sounds

There are two main causes of brake grinding, and both can mean serious repairs if it’s not dealt with quickly.

First, grinding may occur if the pads and rotors go too long without being replaced. Once the pads and rotors are overworn, braking can start to damage other parts of the car.

The other main reason for grinding sounds is that a foreign object may have made its way into the braking system. In most cases this is excess dirt or gravel, but if left unattended it can cause major damage to your car.

Vibrations in the Pedal when Releasing the Brakes

If you notice a rattle and a vibrating sensation when releasing your brakes, it most likely culprit is the brake pads. This sound and sensation does not mean the brake pads are bad, it just means they are expanding or contracting due to heat. A slight rattling is nothing to worry about, but if it becomes excessive it might be a good idea to get it checked out.

Brake sounds, sensations, and problems can be very stressful, but most times they just require a little bit of routine maintenance to prevent. If you have noticed strange sounds coming from your brakes, give Mighty Auto Pro a call today to have them looked at. 

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