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The Value of a Digital Inspection

Many auto repair shops perform visual inspections of vehicles and record their findings on paper. While there’s nothing wrong with this method, there’s a new and more efficient way to do vehicle inspections. Digital inspections are taking the auto repair industry by storm. Take a look at some of the many reasons why digital inspections are worth it:

Elimination of Paper

In the digital age, it’s rare for people to keep records on paper. Digital inspections eliminate the need for paper records. Your results will be uploaded electronically, making them easier to manage throughout the years. The best part is that instead of having different-looking inspection forms based on the shop you visited, you will have the same or similar-looking digital forms that are easy to understand no matter what shop you go to. 



Your inspection can now be customized. This is beneficial because the kind of car you have can determine what needs to be inspected more often. Digital inspections make it easy for your technicians to inspect everything from a full multi-point inspection to a simple tire report. 


Picture and Videos

Tired of not knowing what your mechanic is looking at or not understanding why you need a certain repair? Digital inspections make it easy for consumers to know what’s going on with their vehicle through the use of pictures and videos. Your digital inspection comes with multiple pictures and videos, so you know exactly what your mechanic is looking at and understand why you would need certain repairs.


Easy Record-Keeping

Once you start doing digital inspections, it’s easy to keep track of your vehicle’s history. All of your notes, pictures, and videos will be stored and made easy to retrieve. That means once it’s time to sell your car, you have a detailed record of everything that happened to the car. 


Easy Communication

Digital inspections save you time. Instead of waiting at the auto shop to see what repairs need to be done, you can receive a text message or email that describes the issues with the vehicle. So once you drop your car at a MD auto repair shop, you can leave and continue doing other things you need to do. Once your mechanic sends you a text message or email, you can give them the OK to proceed with the repairs within minutes. 


Ready for Yours?

Bring your car into Mighty Auto Pro for your digital inspection today! We make it easy for you to get your car inspected and repaired. With honest and transparent pricing, you never have to worry about us recommending unnecessary repairs. Click here to schedule your appointment. 


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