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Should I Use Synthetic Oil?

Oil changes are what keep your car running smoothly. Without them, oil deposits can build up in your car’s engine and create a sludge that impacts performance. It can cause irreversible damage that can be easily prevented.

It is recommended to get these every three thousand miles or so, but that depends on how you use your vehicle. How you drive your vehicle also plays into what type of oil you should be using.

Though conventional oil is the standard choice of many, synthetic oil has its advantages. When is the time to consider switching? Read on to find out.

Should I Use Synthetic Oil?

Why are Oil Changes Necessary?

Your car needs oil to lubricate engine parts. These parts move incredibly fast, and require clean, good-quality oil. Over time, as the oil degrades, it makes it more difficult for these parts to move smoothly. You’ll know it’s time for an oil change when you hear a faint ticking sound in your engine–this usually means you have waited too long, and it’s time to head to the shop.

Oil changes keep your engine clean and free of deposits. Sludge slows down performance and lowers your car’s life expectancy. So, this begs the question: is synthetic oil better for your car than conventional oil?

Do You Need Synthetic Oil?

Conventional oil is sufficient for most vehicles. Your manual will tell you if this isn’t the case, and you should always follow what it says to ensure your vehicle is operating at peak efficiency. However, there are several other reasons you may want to switch to synthetic oil.

If you take a lot of long trips, for example, then you may want to make the switch. Synthetic oil is more efficient than conventional. That means you can go a bit longer between oil changes and for frequent roadtrippers, this can make a big difference.

If you find yourself pushing your car to the limit between changes, then synthetic may be a good idea. You won’t have to worry about harming your vehicle because you have a hard time fitting oil changes into your busy schedule.

Another thing to consider: synthetic oil may cost more initially, but this will even out due to how long it lasts. In the end, you may pay less annually with synthetic oil.

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