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No Credit? Damaged Credit? We Can Help

Bad or no credit doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of Mighty Auto Pro’s flexible payment plans. We want every one of our customers to have access to affordable auto repair services. If you have bad or no credit, we can help. Just come in and talk to one of our helpful team members. 



What Services Can You Get Using Our Payment Plans?

You can get virtually any service using Mighty Auto Pro’s payment plans, including: 



Having tires with adequate tread depth is important for your safety. Unfortunately, they’re usually not cheap. When you need to have your tires replaced, you may not be able to wait for your next paycheck. Instead, you can take advantage of our flexible payment plans – even if your credit is less than great. 


New Transmission 

Just like tires, a new transmission can be expensive. Take advantage of Mighty Auto Pro’s payment plans. 


Repairs to Pass Emissions Testing

If your vehicle fails a smog test, you won’t be able to register and drive it legally. Although Ohio offers waivers, you may still need to cover substantial costs out of pocket to ensure that your car passes Ohio’s E-Check. Mighty Auto Pro Can help you with that. 


Fixing Damage After an Accident 

Your insurance policy may not cover damage to your car under certain conditions, or you may need assistance paying a high deductible. Either way, Mighty Auto Pro is here to help, regardless of your credit. 


Contact Us Today

Don’t let bad credit stop you from getting the car repairs you need. Turn to Mighty Auto Pro for your car repair needs. No matter if you have bad credit or no credit, we’ll work with you to develop a manageable payment plan. Contact us today to get started. 

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