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How to Buy the Right Tires for Your Car

When it comes time to replace the tires on your car you may be confused about which type to purchase. Not choosing the best tires for your car can not only hurt your alignment and mileage, but can also put you at risk in certain types of weather. Your decision likely will come down to three main things, size, type, and price. Let’s look at each of these categories more closely so that you can make an informed decision.

A mechanic rolling a tire towards the camera

Tire Sizing

Knowing the size of your tire is an essential part of purchasing new tires. You car owner’s manual will have this information for you, but if you are confused any reputable mechanic or tire salesman can help you narrow down the selection. The size information in the manual can tell you several important things about the ideal tires for your vehicle, including the diameter of the tire as well as the load index.

Tire Types

Once you know what size tire your car needs you’ll have to decide what type of tires you want on your car based on your driving habits. If you live in a very warm climate, you may want to purchase summer tires for your car. Alternatively if you live in an area with extreme winters you may opt for winter tires. For those living in more temperate areas with moderate summers and winters, all season tires are a great option.

Tire Price

Tires come in a wide range of qualities and prices. Whether you splurge or save should depend on your individual needs. Do you need tires for an old car that may not have much life left in it? In this case you may opt to purchase budget tires, so that they don’t outlive the vehicle. Are you driving a newer car on a long commute each day? You may want to invest in a higher quality tire that will last you longer.

If you are in need of new tires and are unsure what size or type of tire is the best option for your car, call us at Mighty Auto Pro today. Our team of experts can help you determine what tires will best suit your needs and get you back on the road with confidence. Our tire store in Maryland has countless options to choose from so that you can make the best decision.

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