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Have You Noticed Rust on Your Vehicle?

Maintaining your car’s engine will help ensure your car lasts for many years to come, whether it be through routine checks, oil changes, or recommended service being done. Ensuring your engine is in tip top shape is an important part of keeping your car running, and as efficiently as possible, but maintaining the outside of your car is of high importance as well.

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Over time, dirt and dust can eat away at your car’s exterior, causing rust that can lead to major damage. But what exactly causes rust, and how can you prevent it? Let’s take a closer look at rust and its impact on your vehicle.

The Cause

Rust is caused when the metal of your car is exposed to the elements, especially water. How does your car get exposed to water? When the exterior of the car isn’t kept clean, the dirt and debris that is on the car begins to wear away at the finish of the car. Over time this will wear off the finish completely exposing the metal underneath. Rust can also develop under scratches or dings that aren’t repaired quickly, so having minor scrapes and scratches repaired is an important part of maintaining your car.

The Damage

Once the damage is done to the car’s paint job it doesn’t take long for rust to begin to develop. Certain factors will determine how quickly rust develops, such as how humid the climate is. Salt also plays a huge roll in the speed at which rust corrodes your car, so living by the ocean or somewhere that treats the roads in the winter with salt can have a big impact.

Rust Repair & Prevention

To prevent rust from developing on your car routine washings are essential. Keeping dirt off your car will help prevent damage to the car’s finish. Likewise, taking care of scratches as soon as they happen can help prevent rust from developing. If you have noticed rust on your car developing, it is important to have it dealt with as quickly as possible. Rust that has just begun on the surface of the car can be removed and the finish repainted, but rust that has had time to develop can go deeper into the car causing more substantial damage.

Keeping your car rust free isn’t impossible with some care and caution. By keeping your car clean and having scratches repaired in a timely manner you can avoid rust and keep your car looking like new.

Mighty Auto Pro offers vehicle repair in Medina, OH including rust removal and paint repair. If you have noticed rust developing on your car, contact us today to discuss what you can do to prevent further damage to your car.

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