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Check Your Tires Before Winter Rolls In

Winter is right around the corner here in Ohio, and with winter comes snow and ice on the roads. Having your car looked over before the winter weather arrives is a good way to make sure you stay safe on the roads.

check tires before winter

Checking your car’s tires and having them replaced if necessary is essential before hitting the roads in the ice and snow. Let’s look at why it is so important to check your tires before driving in the snow, and what to look for.

Safe Tires on the Road

Why is it so important to check your tires before winter comes? Worn down or underinflated tires and icy roads are a recipe for disaster. When your tires aren’t in optimal condition they can’t grip the road properly, making cold, wet, or icy roads a major hazard. During the summer months, worn down tires still work well in optimal conditions (ie. no rain or snow), but during the winter are especially dangerous.

Look for Wear

Signs of wear on your tires to look for include low or no tread, repaired holes, and uneven wear in the tread. These signs of wear you can look for yourself, but if there is ever a question, take your car in to a professional for a more thorough look. Uneven wear can also be a sign of an alignment issue in your car, so it is important to have a professional inspect your vehicle to determine if you have a bigger problem on your hands.

Check Pressure Levels

In addition to checking the wear on your tires periodically throughout the season, it is also important to check your tire pressure levels throughout the winter. During cold weather the pressure in your tires can drop, making your tires less safe on the road. Checking your tire pressure can help keep you safe while also extending the life of your tires. If your car has a tire pressure monitor, it is important to add air when your warning light comes on. If your car does not have an internal monitor, it’s a good idea to check the pressure each time you get gas.

Your Tire Maintenance & Repair Specialists in Medina, OH

If you are concerned about your tires headed into winter, give us at Mighty Auto Pro a call today! We offer tire replacement in Medina, OH and would love to keep you safe on the road this coming winter. Contact us or stop by today for a tire check and some peace of mind!

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