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Transfer Case Service

Get Back Your Power Back

The transfer case helps to direct power from your transmission. For 4WD and AWD vehicles owners, this is part of your drivetrain and sends that power to the appropriate place. When this piece of your vehicle is not working correctly it can seriously limit your vehicle’s capabilities and health.

Expert Transfer Case Repair and Maintenance

Your transfer case, like any moving part, is subject to wear and tear. One of the most important services for this part of your vehicle is ongoing fluid maintenance—this ensure the part is properly lubricated and won’t wear out prematurely. Our transfer case service involves the periodic draining and replacing of fluids in addition to checking for leaks and damage.

When Should I Have My Transfer Case Serviced?

The issue with the transfer case is that there is no regular interval for service as every drive is different. The best suggestion is to ask your auto repair service in Medina, OH what they suggest. The things which affect the frequency of service are how much you use 4WD, if you do off-roading, if you drive through wet environments, etc.

Your Experienced, Medina Mechanic

Mighty Auto Pro hires only the very best in Medina auto repair specialists. We make sure each of our auto mechanics is ASE-certfied and completes 40 hours of yearly training. The reason we do this is to ensure you receive the very best possible auto repair available in Medina.

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