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Differential Service

Service Your Vehicle’s Differential

When you round a corner in your vehicle, the outside wheels must travel just slightly further than the inside wheels. The part on your vehicle which ensures your vehicle can make this turn is called the differential.

What Services Does my Differential Need?

A differential, like any moving part, is subject to wear and tear. That said, this part on your vehicle is commonly made to last a while. The main service we must perform with a differential involves the fluid inside. This fluid keeps the differential running smoothly and prevents breakdown.

Medina, OH Differential Repair Service

The Type Of Differential Makes no Difference to Us!

Each type of drivetrain will have a different differential. Rear wheel drive, will have the differential on the rear axle—it’s the bulge in the middle of the axle. Here at Mighty Auto Pro, we offer a variety of differential services, including:

  • Rear-Wheel Drive Differential Services
  • Front-Wheel Drive Differential Services
  • Differential Fluid Top-Off and Fluid Changes
  • Differential U-Joint Inspection and Lubrication
  • Open Differential Services
  • Locking Differential Services
  • Limited-Slip Differential Services
  • Torque-vectoring Differentials
  • And more!

Top Quality Repairs from Experienced Technicians

Mighty Auto Pro only hires the best Medina, OH auto mechanics to work on our customer’s vehicles. They’ve gone through ASE-certification training as well as regular, annual training on top of that. This ensures they know all the newest and greatest techniques and tools to work on your vehicle’s differential.

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