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5 Questions to Ask Your Auto Technician

Your car is a valuable piece of equipment. It allows you to go to work, visit friends, run errands, and much more. So when something goes wrong with your car, you don’t want to trust just anybody to fix it. Asking the right questions before hiring an auto technician will ensure that you choose the most qualified mechanic to take care of your vehicle. Here are questions you should always ask your auto technician.



1. What Certifications Do You Have?

Reputable auto technicians will always be certified by the National Automobile Service Excellence (ASE). When auto technicians receive this certification, they have shown proof of expertise and experience in their field. But it doesn’t stop there; ASE-certified technicians are re-tested regularly to ensure they’re up-to-date on the industry’s ever-evolving technology.


2. Have You Worked on My Make and Model of Car Before?

You want to hire an auto mechanic that has experience working on your make and model vehicle. They usually have the knowledge and experience needed to fix any problems your car will have. There are vehicle repair shops that specialize in certain types of vehicles, so be sure to ask this question to any potential auto technician before entrusting them with your vehicle. 


3. Do You Have References?

Don’t be nervous about asking an auto technician for references. If they are a reputable auto technician, they’ll be more than happy to connect you with some of their clients for references. If an auto mechanic claims not to have any references or is slow to provide some, consider looking for a new auto technician. 


4. Do You Explain the Details of Repairs

Although there are plenty of reliable, trustworthy auto mechanics, it’s not unheard of for an auto technician to skimp out on repairs, “repair” things that don’t need to be repaired, or not do the initial repair altogether. So ask your auto technician whether they will be providing a thorough explanation of the repairs being done on your car. Some auto technicians will even show you the problem with your vehicle via video recording or in person.


5. What Kind of Warranties Do You Offer?

Auto technicians who stand behind their work offer great warranties. Before an auto technician begins to work on your car, ask them about their warranty options. They can offer product warranties or service warranties. 


Ask Us Anything!

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